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Worried About

Worried About: Loss of Hair?, Alopecia?, Hair loss?, Dandruff?, Headache?,
Thin Hair?, White Hair?,Premature baldness?

Shakthi Herbal Hai Oil

It is 100% geniene, 100% safe, 100% based on natural herbs and 100% no side effects!. Our product also available in Amazon, Indiamart and paytm etc...,.

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Shakthi Herbal Hair Oil- Sachets

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About Company

Shakthi Herbal Care Industries was started in the year of 1994 with intention of producing high quality herbal products. The company currently specialized in herbal products. Mainly our presence in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana only but in expansion of state the company focus on selling our products to each and every corner of India. Our brand name Shakti herbal hair tonic an Ayurveda product.

We are connected with all beauty parlors and Ayurveda stores more than 50,000 outlets. The only product in the market that works 100% on all the hair problems.

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Shakthi Herbal Hair Tonic is in use for the last 23 years it is duly well tested by all Indian Ayurvedic testing laboratory and approved for its quality. Shakthi herbal hair tonic is listed and included in the Ayurvedic gazette with recommendation for use as genuine remedy for hair problems.



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Mr. P. Sambasiva rao (Mr. Rao) is an ordinary man with lot of aims and ambitions. He was born in a small village in guntur district A.P India with agricultural background. Afer completions of his education he worked as a representative in medical company. He has 30 years of experience in herbal field.



Mr. P. Sambasiva rao (Mr. Rao) worked as a representative in a midecal company. In his experiece he met so many people with so many problems with their hair. One day he saw a teenage girl who is suffering with premature boldness. At that time he has decided that i have to do something for them. Then he researched on hair problems and finally he launched a boon product for the society i.e. shakthi shakthi hair oil.



Creation of new cells, to generate new hair on the place of thin hair on the scalp and control the pre matured baldness bellow 25 years. And also helps absorption of the principal micronutrients from the blood to supply papilla which contains blood vessels there by enhancing the hair growth.

Our shakthi herbal hair oil indeed is a boon to humanity in present days of false and superior remedies rampant in the market. A genuine Ayurveda product based on ancient scriptures and texts. a thorough research for decades in a devoted Ayurveda family for two generations had brought about this wonderful remedy for all hair problems. it is a combination of genuine herbs, roots, bulbs, flowers and leaves as well as several other bhasmas and fossils.

During head massage of shakthi herbal hair tonic on the scalp the unique ingredients penetrates blood nervous which is supply to hair follicles to dissolve the blood slots block in the nervous and also helps free movement of blood circulation in the nervous which kept at dermis and >subcutaneous layers on the skin their by it helps control of hair fall.



How to Use:

01. Use regularly like coconut oil, without fail.

02. Persons using shakthi herbal hair oil are advised to consume leafier vegetables, beat roots, garlic and coconut water etc..,.

03. While under treatment with shakthi herbal hair oil, shampoos and soaps should not be used to hair, using instead of these use one natural & traditional ingredients like herbal shampoos or Shikakai powder or soap nuts.

04. Follow above instructions, these are the best remedies for Controlling of Hair Fall, Dandruff, alopecia, premature baldness, headache, sleeplessness, White hair (teenage people) etc..,.




01. While using shakthi herbal hair oil, at first you have to take head bath with herbal products like Shikakai or sopenut etc., after that you have to apply our shakthi hair oil to the scalp.

02. Person who is suffering with dandruff then initially the weak hair will fall after using our product healthy hair will grow in that place.

Worried About?

Worried About: Loss of Hair?, Alopecia?, Hair Loss?, Dandruff?, Headache?,
Thin Hair?, White Hair?,Premature baldness?